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"The future will depend on our wisdom not to replace one poison with another."
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New York Lindane Campaign

The bill passed through the health committee June 16, 2005.

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NPA Letter to Senator Kemp Hannon June 3, 2005

New York Lindane Bill Update June 2, 2005

The Lindane bill did not go through, as of May 10, 2005.

For (7): Jacobs, Dinowitz, Peoples, Gottfried, Grannis, Bing, Naomi, Rivera

Against (14): Schimminger, Galef, Towns, Cahill, Magnarelli, Cymbrowitz, Gordon, Eddington, Paulin, Gunther, O'Connell, Conte, Bacalles, Brown

Excused (1): Mayersohn

Citizens Environmental Council is organizing support for a state legislation banning lindane currently moving through the state legislature. For more information see or contact Bobbi Chase,

NY State Campaign Materials

New York, Letter to Assemblyman Gottfried, May 10, 2005

Largest City In US Adopts Plan to Curtail Use of Pesticides 5-9-05

Toxic Consecquences: A Mothers Call to Ban Lindane 5-3-05

New York Bill Summary February 5, 2004

New York Lindane Bill June 2, 2005

April 12,2005

Dear Assemblyman Gottfried:

I understand that New York is contemplating a bill that would ban lindane.
I am in support of this bill as a pharmacist and as an expert in
nonprescription products.

I have written four textbooks on nonprescription products, several book
chapters, and over 250 papers for the pharmacy, medical, and dental
hygiene literature. I have presented educational programs across the
United States. One of my areas of specific expertise is the treatment of
head louse infestation.

For many years, I have written and taught about the dangers of lindane and
other topical pesticides traditionally used for head lice. In a speech
entitled,  Lice and Scabies Treatment and Prevention Measures I presented
less toxic alternatives to lindane on behalf of the Environmental
Protection Agency at the 2004 North American Commission for Environmental
Cooperation meeting in Anchorage, Alaska. My paper covering this meeting
was not published by one pharmacy journal for fear of losing support from
advertisers. It can be accessed at:

While all pesticides are potentially harmful when applied to humans,
lindane has unique qualities that justify a worldwide ban on its use.

1.   It is the most toxic head louse alternative, in terms of potential for
     human morbidity.
2.   Resistance to lindane is widespread. For a succinct discussion of the
     problem, see my research paper at
3.  There are safer alternatives for scabies.
4.   Lindane is a persistent environmental toxin.

The manufacturers of all pesticides possess the resources to ensure that
attempt to remove them. Merely requiring a black box on lindane allows
this noxious chemical to remain on pharmacy shelves around the state.
You can take a great step forward in improving the health of your citizens
by banning lindane from New York.

W. Steven Pray, Ph.D., D.Ph.
Author, Nonprescription Product Therapeutics
Bernhardt Professor of Nonprescription Drugs and Devices
College of Pharmacy
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Weatherford, OK 79096


Protect Children From Shampooing with Poison
By MIke Schade - Citiziens Enivornmental Coalition
Feb 12, 2005, 12:43

Every year, thousands of children across the state are exposed to a
dangerous pesticide commonly known as Lindane, used to treat head lice and scabies.

Unfortunately, many parents donít know Lindane is a possible carcinogen that may be absorbed into the skin, digestive system, and respiratory tract and may result in seizures. The World Health Organization reports a six-fold increase in non-Hodgkins
lymphoma in farmers after exposure to Lindane, and recent case studies report high rates of childhood brain cancer due to treatment with Lindane.

In addition, after Lindane is applied and patients rinse shampoos and creams down the drain, one dose can pollute as much as six million gallons of water! The good news is safe and effective alternatives are widely available, leaving no viable reason to keep this deadly poison on the consumer market. In fact, eighteen countries world-wide have already banned the use and distribution of Lindane.

Now that the Assembly is back in session, a bill to protect children
from Lindane has been introduced, Assembly bill 4162, which bans the
sale, use, and prescription of any product containing this dangerous
pesticide. Please contact your Assemblyperson and urge them to support A. 4162. Please also contact your Senator and ask them to sponsor this critical bill.

Your State Assembly person, (518) 455-4100
Your State Senator, (518) 455-2800

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New York Lindane Lawyers

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