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CAS Number: 58-89-9
Chemical Profile for GAMMA-LINDANE (CAS Number: 58-89-9)

  • Human Health Hazards
    Health Hazard Reference(s)
    Recognized: Carcinogen P65
    Suspected: Cardiovascular or Blood Toxicant EPA-HEN HAZMAP MALA RTECS
    Developmental Toxicant ATSDR EPA-SARA
    Endocrine Toxicant BKH JNIHS KEIT WWF
    Gastrointestinal or Liver Toxicant EPA-HEN RTECS
    Immunotoxicant ATSDR EPA-HEN RTECS
    Kidney Toxicant KLAA MERCK OEHHA-CREL
    Neurotoxicant DAN EPA-HEN EVAN RTECS
    Reproductive Toxicant EPA-SARA FRAZIER JANK
    Respiratory Toxicant EPA-HEN RTECS
    Skin or Sense Organ Toxicant HARV RTECS
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  • Hazard Rankings
    More hazardous than most chemicals in 10 out of 11 ranking systems.
    Ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds (worst 10%) to ecosystems and human health.
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  • Chemical Use Profile
    No data on industrial use in Scorecard.
    Used in pesticide products.
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  • Rank Chemicals by Reported Environmental Releases in the United States
    For a list of the geographic areas, facilities, or industrial sectors which report the largest releases or transfers of this chemical to the Toxics Release Inventory, select what you want:
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  • Regulatory Coverage
    On at least 8 federal regulatory lists.
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  • Basic Testing to Identify Chemical Hazards
    Information on whether basic tests to identify chemical hazards have been conducted on this chemical is not available in US EPA's 1998 hazard data availability study.
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  • Information Needed for Safety Assessment
    Lacks at least some of the data required for safety assessment.
    See risk assessment data for this chemical from U.S. EPA or Scorecard.
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  • Notes
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