Ban lindane now

Metro Times
Pam LaBrake, Schenectady, N.Y., founder, Parents Against Lindane, September13, 2006

I read your story about lindane ("Of lice and libel," Metro Times, Aug. 23) with great interest, as I am a parent with a child who began to have neurological problems after being dosed with lindane. I have been working along with many groups here in New York to get a bill passed to ban lindane for medicinal use. We have many assembly members signed on to the bill, but Morton Grove hired a lobbyist who swayed the vote.

I have my own Web site ( though not very professional-looking, it has great information, and I also have statements from Morton Grove and Alliant Pharmaceuticals and I have put valid scientific information disproving Morton Grove's statements.

I am glad that Ann Arbor's Ecology Center is not backing down. As for me, if Morton Grove wants to file suit against me or any of the hundreds of concerned parents and groups that want lindane banned, let them. I am not afraid of Morton Grove; I am in fear of what their product lindane has done already, and what it will do to children in the future.