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"The future will depend on our wisdom not to replace one poison with another."
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Get rid of pests without poisons

Getting rid of pesky ants, hungry snails or threatening spiders without poisoning family members or pets is a concern for many people. So is the threat to water quality that toxic sprays or pellets pose. A new program in Humboldt County offers an answer.

Through a partnership called “Our Water — Our World,” 14 Humboldt County businesses now sell less toxic pesticide products. Visitors to participating stores will find the “Our Water — Our World” logo beside a variety of less toxic products as well as free fact sheets on specific pest problems.

The Humboldt County Division of Environmental Health and the cities of Arcata, Eureka, Ferndale and Fortuna are sponsoring the program. It is aimed at informing consumers about alternatives to common household pesticides, such as carbaryl (Sevin) and malathion, that threaten water quality in creeks.

Rainwater and overirrigation of gardens and lawns can send these pesticides and herbicides into streets and storm drains, especially when the substances are overused. In Humboldt County, storm drains flow directly into local creeks and the ocean without being treated.

The “Our Water — Our World” partnership is part of a larger campaign involving garden supply stores and local government agencies throughout California. It is funded primarily through the Coastal Nonpoint Source Control Grant Program.

A new Web site,, provides an interactive feature called “Ask the Expert” and information on topics such as bug identification, disposal of pesticides, and a listing of less toxic pesticide alternatives.

Leftover toxics, including pesticides, herbicides, paint, cleaning products, automotive fluids, household batteries and fluorescent light tubes, can be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility at 1059 W. Hawthorne St. in Eureka, California. These hazardous wastes are accepted every Friday and Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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