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Cameroon Government Bans Two Pesticides

Yaounde, Cameroon, 08/26 - Cameroon`s agriculture and rural development ministry on Thursday banned the use of all pesticides containing lindane and ordered the withdrawal of another pesticide, Almthio 20/25.

The ministry based its decision on recent studies that indicated lindane was a very toxic substance, which remains in the environment, is easily dispersed in extended areas, and causes negative and irreversible effects on human and animal health.

The ministry explained that its molecules can also cause malformations on the development of the human embryo and placenta.

In addition, the pesticide accumulates in fats, adipose tissues, the mother`s milk and serum and can cause cancer in the liver, kidney, blood, lungs, the central nerve system and male genital organs.

The ministry directed people with stocks of the pestices to get rid of them within three months and to inform competent services.

Lindane has already been banned in several countries, including Canada, Korea, Finland, the Netherlands, Indonesia, New Zealand and Switzerland.

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